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A Safe, Effective and Friendly Way to Learn Martial Arts

Yoseikan Budo England

We welcome all levels from the age of 14.

Whether you are a beginner, already experienced or come from another Martial Art.

Our Chief Instructor has nearly 40 years experience in Martial Arts (teaching and practising) and over 20 years experience as a physiotherapist and injury prevention specialist.


Yoseikan Budo Techniques

Yoseikan Budo is a complete system based around one key principle that connects all the Martial Arts:

The Wave.

The Wave expresses power.

It is at the core of a simple system created by Grand Master Hiroo Mochizuki, Founder of Yoseikan Budo.

When performed properly, The Wave amplifies power and speed in all directions and at any distance.

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Yoseikan Budo Origins

Yoseikan Budo Origins