Distance (Ma)

There are 3 distances or ranges in Yoseikan Budo:

Although the above description is commonly accepted, the reality is a lot less obvious because each distance can apply to striking, grappling or weapons.

EXAMPLE: Straight Punch

  1. Can be delivered from a LONG RANGE by hopping forward on the leading leg (Superman Punch).

  2. Can be delivered at CLOSE RANGE either from a single collar clinch or by pushing the opponent away and punching.

In these two examples, the distance was manipulated to be able to deliver a normal range attack from a long range or a close range.

In Yoseikan once we have learned the correct distance for each technique, we then learn how to use the same technique with the other two distances.

This manipulation of distance completely opens up a technique to make it applicable regardless of where you are in relation to your opponent.

Learn to Assess the Distance and Range of your Opponent

This varies from individual to individual based on their height and reach.

Be Aware of your Own Distance

This information will help you stand in front of your opponent at the right distance to nullify their attacks.

Your Guard also Varies in Relation to Range

When you are out of range you don't necessarily need to have a physical guard (hands raised), you can keep your hands down as long as you still have a mental guard (awareness).

When you come into range you will need to have the appropriate guard to prevent the possibility of direct attack from your opponent.

In our club DISTANCE and RANGE are emphasised right from the beginning because if you are unaware of them you will never be able to effectively apply any technique.

Masters in Range and Distance

  1. Can make their opponents look like complete beginners, stumbling forward and back.

  2. Are very difficult targets to hit because they never quite seem to be there to get hit.