The Martial Art of Yoseikan Budo

Grandmaster Hiroo Mochizuki

Founded in 1970 by Japanese Grand Master Hiroo Mochizuki, Yoseikan Budo draws from his vast experience in several Martial Arts including:

A Complete System

Yoseikan Budo is more than a Mixed Martial Arts Style.

It is a complete system based around one key principle that connects all the Martial Arts: The Wave.

The Wave

There are 10 different wave-like motions of the body that are unique to the Yoseikan Budo Style.

These Waves considerably amplify the POWER and SPEED of any Martial Art technique.

10 Waves

Performing the Wave

  1. Gather power by pushing your feet on the ground
  2. Transfer the power to your hips
  3. Direct the power through your body
  4. Release the power on your target

Correct Execution of the Wave

A correct execution of the Wave utilises a smooth combination of:

Benefits of the Wave

Develop Power

Preserve Your Body

Mastering the Wave

Total mastery of the Wave is achieved when the practitioner is able to develop power from a short range. Even if the extremity is in contact with the target (e.g the one inch punch).