(Computer Software or Mould)

KATA in Japanese literally means MOULD, as it is traditionally used to mould the body into the Martial Art.

In laymen's terms, a Kata is a sequence of movements put together and executed with a certain amount of speed and power.

In Yoseikan, we refer to it as COMPUTER SOFTWARE from where techniques are extracted for practice.

Learning Benefits of Kata Training

Real Combat Situation

In Yoseikan our approach to Kata focuses on all the above aspects without losing the reality of combat and fluidity and adaptability required for these techniques to be applicable in a real situation.

We do not value a practitioner by how many Katas they know but more by how good their practical understanding of the technique is.

Therefore, in our clubs, the Kata sequences are only taught AFTER the practitioner has assimilated all the Bunkais (applications) and has an ability to apply all the techniques present in the sequence in a live scenario.